Medical Terminology and Drug Classifications

Tuesday and Wednesday
4:00pm-7:00pm Neptune Annex (2 sessions)
October 5th and October 6th


This class will enhance the student’s ability to communicate with physicians, dentists, or other medical professionals. The knowledge gained in this course will be useful in the student’s dealings with medical matters – whether it be a routine check-up or an in-depth discussion about various medical diseases. The class will also cover basic pharmacology as medications have a great power to both help and to harm patients. The basic principles of pharmacology, including absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, side effects, as well as several drug classes and some of the commonly seen drugs within those classes will discussed.

The following workshops will be taught by Vanessa Munson RN, BSN, who has been a nurse for 40 years as well as a Practical Nursing Instructor for over 18 years.

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