Microsoft Excel: Advanced


Mondays (5 sessions)
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Career Center
November 22, 2021- December 20, 2021


Microsoft Excel training for business professionals shows you advanced Excel skills that apply to creating smart adaptive Excel business tools. Our advanced Excel training focuses on: Creating Excel analysis and data processing tools using advanced formulas, array formulas, logic, ActiveX controls, conditional formatting, data validation, pivot tables, pivot charts, Excel tables and relationships. Advanced aspects of these elements and how to assemble them in sophisticated ways including modeling and creating interactive dashboards will be covered. Creation of advanced logic will be reviewed, which allows these tools to operate autonomously and adapt to changing data. We will also provide an introduction to macros (VBA).

Prerequisites: Ability to use a mouse, save and retrieve files. Knowledge and experience with Excel. Students must bring their own USB drive.


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